Milana Ellison

Milana Ellison is The CEO of MILELL

Milana EllisonEver since graduating from Tufts, Milana Ellison’s professional laser focus has been decidedly on real estate. The areas of real estate acquisitions, mergers and acquisitions and investments have attracted her extreme fascination since 1986.

Ten years of her career were spent working with Lichtenberg Group Enterprises. Milana Ellison later became a part of the Real Estate Acquisition Group at the iconic firm of Goldman Sacks. Steinberg, Rosenberg and Shulman is where she finally found a permanent home. This was an investment bank/venture capital fund that managed acquired companies with unique value propositions. Milana Ellison eventually founded the MilEll fund which now has 8 billion under management.

MilEll fund is a wildly successful firm that has a corporate headquarters in New York—specifically in Purchase, NY, and the corporate home to many such as PepsiCo. Milana Ellison is the CEO of MilEll and has the responsibility for shaping the corporate strategic planning of all of its venture owned companies.

Milana Ellison received both her undergraduate degree in business and graduate degree in project management/mergers and acquisitions from Brandeis University. She is also a licensed Certified Life Underwriter. When Ellison is not working, she will often spend time on her favorite hobby, the study of ancient life forms a passion of hers since childhood.
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